Dentelle Claim Solutions is a highly efficient & effective proxy between your practice and medical aids and/or patients.

We process your claims correctly and effectively - also following up with medical aids and patients - so you get paid, leaving you free to focus on your practice.

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Millions of Rands are written off every year because of poor claims processing procedures and non-professionals being at the helm of administrating your medical aid claims and making sure that private patients make their payments.

We've proudly made sure that over R1180 million of our clients' money reached their bank accounts.

With 22 years' experience in this specialized industry (and over 38 years in the dental industry), we know our business.

We only charge commission on claims successfully processed, NOT on your turn-over.


Whether you are a doctor, dentist, physiotherapist, dental lab or any other discipline, we can help. To successfully collect all the money owed to you by medical aids and patients, you have one of two options:

Use Dentelle as your full time off-site processing proxy to handle all these matters on your behalf.

Get a properly qualified person on a full-time basis to handle ONLY this aspect of your practice.

Using untrained or inexperienced secretaries that have multiple duties to fulfill often ends in disaster... Thus, the correct option is clear!

  Did you know?

As of 2009 dental laboratories have been able to claim directly from medical aids for services rendered.

You can reduce the burden on your dentist by claiming yourself, also giving you more control over your claims.

We have a long standing relationship with dental laboratories all over the country, having been involved in the dental industry for 38 years.

Because of this, Dentelle is quite possibly the most experienced in claims processing for this healthcare discipline.

  Real-time reporting

Our client back-end allows you to view and extract payment and transaction data at any time.

You're also able to quickly view monthly turnover and search your patient database for patient contact details instantly.

Previously it was only possible to send client reports weekly, monthly or per request. Our back-end allows for anywhere anytime information that's simple to find and read.

You're also able to export report data, further simplifying reconciliations and any other administrative tasks.

  Multiple collection strategies

Statements are not just emailed to patients, patients also receive SMS' with a link to an electronic statement which they can view in their web browser.

Only about 30% of patients provide us with a reliable email address, where sending attached statements is a simple task. Email then is not the best answer.

Since almost all patients provide cell phone numbers, sending SMS' is a much better alternative to use in conjunction with sending emails.

Conventionally SMS' would only contain information pertaining to an outstanding amount, but we include a link so a patient can view their statement electronically as well, greatly reducing patient queries.